Thursday, April 19, 2012

Half the people on MarkWatches are freaking out about Buffy’s little sister and the other half are trying to point out which early season episodes she’s been in.

"OK, I know we haven’t seen Buffy’s family much lately, what with Buffy being busy with college and all, but to forget about her sister completely? This, I do not understand."

"I know, right! She and Joyce almost never appeared in season four! By the time this season started, I was doing the whole "Man, it’s like I don’t even remember these characters" thing myself. Luckily, they correct that this season and the characters aren’t missing so much compared with season 4."

"Dude, how can you not know Buffy’s sister? Don’t you remember that episode Angelus tried to kill her?"

"I know we haven’t been getting a lot of her lately, but I really do think her acting has improved vastly over the course of the last few seasons. Plus, she’s gotta be what, 14 now? Thereabouts? Which makes me hopeful that the writers are start going to using her more, in ways that actually influence the plot, so she won’t be such a redundant character."

I love fandom.


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